QualiTronic PDF HighRes

Inline inspection for content monitoring

QualiTronic PDF HighRes is an on-press inspection system which compares each printed sheet with a predefined reference in an inline process. Two high-resolution cameras are installed after either the last printing unit (separately for both sides of the sheet on perfector presses) or the coater.

Comparisons can be performed both for the sheet as a whole and for individual blanks. Any errors detected can be visualised and documented.
QualiTronic PDF HighRes enhances production reliability significantly. If even the tiniest error occurs, the printer is able to react immediately to reduce production waste. This also guarantees the consistent high quality of print products within a given pile. Certificates and reports can be supplied to the final customer as proof of this quality.

Brochure Optimum Print Quality
Download PDF, 945 KB

 Maximum production reliability

 Comparisons for whole sheets or single blanks

 Detection of image defects down to 90 µm

 High quality in the pile

 Certificates and reports as proof of quality