ErgoTronic ColorControl

ErgoTronic ColorControl – The standard solution for colour measurement

ErgoTronic ColorControl  is an automatic colour measuring system for the measurement and control of optical densities. It is integrated into a measuring beam on the sheet inspection desk of the  ErgoTronic console. The KBA colour bars can be scanned at any position on the printed sheet. The sheet is fixed by way of a vacuum during measurement.

The values measured in the colour bars serve as a basis for static or dynamic correction of the ink key openings in the individual printing units. Brief confirmation by the printer is all that is necessary.

ErgoTronic ColorControl  can be expanded with a diversity of optional functions such as  ErgoTronic Lab (measurement and control on the basis of Lab values),  ErgoTronic   QualityPass  (measurement reports as quality documentation),  ErgoTronic InstrumentFlight  (control according to grey balance) or  ErgoTronic PSO-Match  (colour control in accordance with PSO specifications).

Brochure Optimum Print Quality
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Fully automatic functioning

Optional use of reduced-height colour bars

Extensive range of options