The I-PRESS Series is the new generation of High Technology presses made by IBERICA AG. This press is built to IBERICA’s high exacting standards, using original production processes 100% developed in our plant in Barcelona, to ensure long life and high productivity. Including many advanced electronic devices, the I-PRESS Series is one of the fastest and most precise pieces of equipment in its sector.

The I-PRESS Series can be equipped with the new OPMR (Optical Print Mark Register) for the front and side-lays registration. A fully automatic non-stop feeder and a full logistics system, completely removes manual handling of incoming and outgoing piles.

  • The versatility of the I-PRESS Series gives the possibility to die-cut several types of substrate including paper, plastic, board and corrugated material.
  • The comprehensive range of optional equipment allows the configuration of the "perfect" Die-Cutter giving our customers the ideal machine for all of their requirements in the Packaging Industry.

1. Automatic feeder head designed for quick and easy preparation comfortably handles a wide range of materials. In conjunction with incorporated automatic pile displacement, perfect feeding of sheets is achieved. Perfect sealing of the vacuum system gives improved suction and blast.  
2. Lateral displacement of the pile by a revolutionary laser system to ensure perfect positioning of the pile. 
3. Total control of the movement of the sheet through the touch screen. The operator can easily advance or delay the arrival of the sheet to the front lays thus, improving the register at high production speeds.  
4. Feed table made from anti-static stainless steel. Latest generation of accessories for perfect feeding of the sheet. Its’ design reduces set up time thus, optimising time spent by the operator. 
5. The side register is controlled through a sensor which perfectly positions the sheet before it enters the press. With the absence of a physical stop, this side guide allows operation of all types of material with no issues. Double sheet detector is incorporated into the side-lay.  
6.New inductive front-lay system for perfect register of sheet for all types of material, grammage, colour and quality. Comprised of four motorised front-lays controlled through the touch screen. 
7. Micrometric control for manual adjustment of the side-lay position.  
8. Latest generation of die-cutters designed and equipped with the  VARIOPLAN®SYSTEM  of IBERICA AG. The presses are adjusted by hand at our Barcelona plant and built using the best European materials guaranteeing our customers long life and maximum strength for their die-cutter. The 300 tonnes (330 US tonnes) of punching pressure makes the IBERICA AG Die Cutters unique in its sector. 
9. The SPEED series is equipped with an operator friendly touch screen giving complete control of all sections of the press. A remote connection IP system allows us to offer immediate assistance.  
10. An optional pneumatic locking system in the chase ( Fast Flow ®) for perfect positioning of the cutting forme and a reduction in make-ready time. 
11. Machine equipped with upper Quick-Lock System stripping frame for use with dedicated tooling. Machine equipped with standard upper and lower stripping frames with complete set of accessories for use in manual setting of the unit or in the (optional) Pre Make Ready table.  
12. Non-stop automatic delivery belt system which is programmable through the touch screen. When the pile is complete, the non-stop belt is automatically engaged. Production continues whilst the operator has sufficient time to remove the full pile and replace it with an empty pallet. 

1. Machine elevated giving the possibility to work with higher piles. Maximum pile height in feeder = 1690mm.Maximum pile height in delivery = 1400mm.  
2. Side registration from a printed mark. This system is also known as OPMR and allows the possibility to absorb variations from print or lamination and to register the sheet without contact.In the case of no printed mark, through the touch screen, the side-lay can be easily set to register to the edge of the sheet in the conventional way. 
3. Front registration from a printed mark. This system is also known as OPMR and allows the possibility to absorb variations from print or “slit” sheets and to register the sheet through a camera system. In the case of no printed mark, through the touch screen, the front lays can be easily set to register to the edge of the sheet in the conventional way.  
4. Platform with “chase-changer” for customers who are looking for flexibility and speed in the preparation of the following job. 
5. Manual non-stop feeder for continuous production.  
6. Automatic non-stop feeder for continuous production. 
7. Anti-static kit for feeder head and feed table giving improved performance whenDie-cutting plastic materials.  
8. Heated chase system for use when cutting and creasing plastic materials. 
9. Pre make-ready stripping table allowing us to prepare the next job whilst the machine is in production. Includes:One standard upper stripping frame with a complete set of accessories.One standard lower stripping frame with a complete set of accessories.  
10. Grip edge removal system with pneumatic clamps to fix the wooden templates for perfect and secure positioning and make-ready reduction time.  With this new system, effective removal of grip edge trim is achieved on each job.