Commander CL

            Newspaper printing

The Koenig & Bauer Commander CL has been the most successful 4/2 four-high tower press in the mid and top performance classes since its market launch in autumn 2011. The Commander CL (= Classic) features user-friendly H-type printing units and its intelligent modular construction allows the press to be customised to meet the individual needs. Alongside standard manual plate changing this press is available with optional automatic or semi-automatic plate changing for faster makeready, and can also easily be upgraded at a later date. This equates in investment security and the flexibility necessary to meet changing production demands. Other benefits include short set-up and washing cycles, easy maintenance, an optimised operating concept with clear displays, and minimal production costs. What is more, the Commander CL is engineered for variable web widths and can be extended with hot-air dryers. Further options include fast presetting via PressNet and single-button start-up and run-down via Koenig & Bauer EasyStart and Koenig & Bauer EasyClean-up.  

Commander CL
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High-performance 4/2 web press with retrofittable automation

Individual configuration due to intelligent modular design

Most successful press in the mid and upper performance classes

Product Information

Just like the high-end Commander CT, the Commander CL boasts cutting-edge inking-unit technology with three forme rollers for a first-class print. The compact four-high web press whose H-type units stand a mere 2.75 metres (less than 10 feet) high is available as 4/2, 4/1 and 6/2 configurations. Depending on the format selected, the press has a maximum output of 90,000cph. There is a choice of cut-offs from 450 to 630mm (17.7 - 24.8in) and the maximum web width is 1,730mm (68.1in). Practical automation modules such as automatic or semi-automatic plate changers and KBA  RollerTronic  automatic roller locks cut makeready times and production costs. With the automatic system, the changing sequence is completed in just three minutes with no further manual intervention. KBA  RollerTronic  automatic roller locks reduce maintenance input at the printing couple. Its proven superstructure design, automatically convertible jaw folders, cutting-edge Pastomat reelstands with the possibility of automated reel logistics via KBA Patras and additional modules make the Commander CL a high-tech press. Other options for enhancing production flexibility include skip slitters, ribbon stitchers, length gluing units, length/cross perforators ( Zip ’n’Buy) and a four-page centre spread capability (Superpanorama).  ErgoTronic  consoles with touch screen operation and the possible integration into the printing plant’s workflow via KBA  PressNet  help optimise production sequences and maximise press performance.   

Technical Data


Standard Optional
Cylinder revolutions (4/1) 90,000 rph -
Cylinder revolutions (4/2) 45,000 rph -
Cylinder revolutions (6/2) 45,000 rph -
Cylinder circumference 900 - 1,260 mm -
Cylinder circumference (4/1) 470 - 630 mm -
Web width (4/2) 1,680 mm -
Web width (6/2) 1,730 mm -
Variable web width - ü
Automatic roller bearings  RollerTronic ü -
CleanTronic  washing systems - ü
DriveTronic  dedicated drives ü -
EasyTronic   1) ü -
Quality measurement and control systems - ü
Inking unit with three forme rollers 2)
Cutting-edge spray dampening unit ü -
Semi automatic plate change - ü
Fully Automatic Plate Change - ü
KBA  Patras A   3) - ü

1  automatic press start-up and run-down to reduce waste and downtimes

2  4/1 printing machines with two forme rollers

3  automatic reel logistics system