RotaJET VL - Industrial

            The top notch in industrial inkjet printing presses

The RotaJET VL Series ranks among the top class in industrial inkjet printing presses and is one of the most high-performing digital ranges on the market. The RotaJET 168 covers web widths from 1300 mm to 1680 mm whilst the RotaJET 225 goes even wider with a maximum web width of 2250 mm. This is the top model of the KBA RotaJET systems.

Designed for decor printing and similar applications, the RotaJET VL Series also addresses growth areas in the packaging industry. At a productivity rate of 18,000 m²/hour the RotaJET VL range fulfills highest standards in industrial digital printing. The system can process all kinds of substrates including difficult-to-print materials.

With the RotaJET VL Series, Koenig & Bauer continues to pursue a consistent modular approach allowing an optimal alignment to individual customer requirements. To this end, optional packages for decor printing or for extending the printing length for example, are available.

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 Top models in design, flexibility and performance

 Faster job changes – shorter time to market!

 Ideal for difficult-to-print substrates, e.g. decor paper

The standard RotaJET 168 is designed with a KBA PATRAS M reel transport system, an automatic reel splicer KBA  Pastomat C  1760 and an automatic KBA rewinder. The jumbo version RotaJET 225 is supplied with a fully automatic reel transport system PATRAS A, thus guaranteeing an efficient and reliable handling of the substrate reels. The RotaJET 225 configuration as a standard includes an automatic reel splicer KBA  Pastomat CL  2520 and an automatic rewinder.

With features like

  • fully automatic webbing up device per chain
  • fully automatic reel splicing and
  • reel transport system KBA Patras

KBA combines high-performance systems from its offset range with the variability of digital printing.

Web widths up to 1680 mm on the RotaJET 168 and up to 2250 mm on the RotaJET 225 can be printed at maximum performance. At a speed of 150 m per minute the RotaJET 225 can print 18,000 m² per hour in four colours. That mounts up to approx. 9.7 million m² per month.

In addition to decor printers, packaging printers also profit enormously from the top performance of the KBA RotaJET VL Series.

Learn more about the benefits of the RotaJET VL Series for decor printing in our showcase.

Print more decors in a shorter time with the KBA RotaJET VL Series. The flying job change enables you to produce smaller batches and a great diversity of products highly efficiently and at considerably lower cost. Serve your customers more efficiently! Faster job changes allow smaller print batches and shorter time to market.

  • Streamline your production with the help of faster job changes and enhance the efficiency of your production workflow.
  • With faster job changes in digital printing you can tackle new business models and capture new markets.
  • Become more efficient and more flexible!

In the packaging industry too, you can secure an uptake in orders by using the KBA RotaJET VL Industrial.

Learn more about the benefits of the KBA RotaJET VL Industrial in packaging printing in our showcase.

Several elements of the KBA RotaJET VL bestow this series with unrivalled performance and efficiency.

  • The central cylinder of the KBA RotaJET guarantees 100% substrate stability and guides the various materials under the inkjet printing heads with absolute precision and evenness. The printing heads in the arrays are stitched fully automatically.
  • RotaColor Control fluid applied in the pre-coating station expands considerably the range of substrates you can use.
  • Intelligent, low-energy dryers and an integrated cooling system facilitate the dynamic changeover from high to low levels of ink coverage. Drying at very low temperatures will give you an exemplary energy balance. The integrated cooling system reduces the temperature of the substrate efficiently and guarantees a safer and easier online finishing.
  • The KBA XLO workflow is flexible and scalable. If your data volume or application field should change in the future, the KBA XLO workflow can be upgraded to meet your production demands.

With the variability of the KBA RotaJET VL Industrial you can implement customer-orientated tailor-made solutions for individual and special applications. Learn more about the advantages of the RotaJET VL in our References and Showcases.

RotaJET 168

RotaJET 225

Standard Optional Standard Optional
Max. web speed 150 m/min - 150 m/min -
Min. web width 840 mm - 1,125 mm -
Max. web width 1,680 mm - 2,250 mm -
Cut-off length variable up to 5,080 mm variable up to 5,080 mm
Print volume (spm per month) 7.5 million - 9.7 million -
Unwinder KBA Pastomat C 1760 - KBA Pastomat CL 2520 -
Rewinder KBA 1700 - KBA 2250 -
Decor option - - - -