Hear from one of our customers, Knight Abbey, on how KODAK Professional Services helped save the company around $100K a year.

You rely on PRINERGY Workflow to keep your business running every day. But have you unleashed its automation and color capabilities to transform your business? You want a competitive advantage, but you may lack the time or know-how to realize the full potential and ROI of your software. Customers count on KODAK Professional Services to unlock profit potential.

We can help you achieve:

  • Up to 30% ink and paper savings annually
  • Up to 18% labor and waste savings (make-ready, press time)
  • 30-60% time savings in customer service and prepress through automation
  • Elimination of up to 90% of spot color needs
  • Cycle time reductions of up to 75%
  • No-touch process from order entry to plate making
  • Consistent quality and color across presses and proofers