The bottle­neck for effi­cient short-run finishing is not the running speed of a folder gluer. Rather, the crucial factor is: How fast is the changeover to the next job? With the TAS prin­ciple, the KAMA Flex­Fold 52i makes the changeover in just a few minutes:
1. Transfer the job data (networked data exchange)
2. Activate Auto-Move
3. Start produc­tion
The impress­ively fast changeover results from the elec­tronic transfer of job data from the network via the JobMan­ager soft­ware and, first and fore­most, from the auto­matic changeover of the entire folder gluer to the next job. Only the blanks are inserted manu­ally. Further time savings: the Flex­Fold 52i moves all modules directly to the appro­priate posi­tions, without refer­ence runs, which are neces­sary else­where.
With its high level of auto­ma­tion, the Flex­Fold 52i is very easy to operate and new staff is quickly trained.

FlexFold 52i
The world's first folder-gluer for short runs and digit­ally printed pack­aging
Cost-effective produc­tion of digit­ally printed folded cartons and small SKUs: this is the booming market for which we have developed the Flex­Fold 52i. The first folder-gluer for short runs is fully auto­mat­ic­ally adjustable and delivers order changeovers in a record time of just a few minutes. This means that the Flex­Fold 52i can handle far more than a hundred orders per day – whether straight-line boxes, cush­ioned pack­aging or lock bottom boxes.

The KAMA Flex­Fold 52i is tailor-made for print shops and pack­aging manu­fac­turers who want to offer the following services to large brand manu­fac­turers, but also to regional brands and local suppliers:
    Digit­ally printed folded cartons in chan­ging designs with seasonal, regional or event-specific image designs (e.g.     food or fashion)
    Person­al­ised and indi­vidu­al­ised pack­aging (e.g. cosmetics and phar­ma­ceut­icals)
    Cartons in different languages (e.g. phar­ma­ceut­icals and health­care)
    Partial orders – saving costs and keeping things up to date at all times
    Folded cartons with shorter time-to-market

The innov­ative Flex­Fold 52i machine received the EDP Award 2017 for the “Best folded carton solu­tion” (European Digital Print Asso­ci­ation).
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For over 125 years, engin­eers at KAMA have been devel­oping high-quality finishing die cutters and folder-gluers for the global market.
As a well-estab­lished, reli­able partner for cutting and finishing processes, we offer a wide range of prof­it­able solu­tions for small and medium-sized conven­tional print runs as well as for digital printing. With more than 500 install­a­tions in 80 coun­tries the innov­ative KAMA machines "made in Germany" are in demand around the world - in the commer­cial print market and also in pack­aging.
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