TECNOMAC CORRUGATED, new thermal (dry) laminator especially thought for direct lamination on corrugated cardboard, was born to provide a real reply to one of these new need.

Thanks to its features corrugated board is an extremely flexible material and it is commonly used in several industial apllications.

Lamination plays an important role since it makes your products in corrugated cardboard more durable and resistant.

Which are the real advantages of laminating directly on digitally printed corrugated cardboard?

Cost saving: with TECNOMAC CORRUGATED you can manage lamination on digitally printed corrugated cardboard in your company just after print without no need of additional laminating step.

Control: Internalizing lamination process you will control completely every production phase: your products will respect your quality standard and you will define how much pieces producing.

Privacy: every of your projects will be treated as confidential, the privacy of your customers will be fully respected.

In addition to these advantages, the last but not the least, your TECNOMAC CORRUGATED  is connected to us. By remote access we will able to make a first diagnosis of your eventual problem and since we are the direct manufacturers of the equipment we can assure an accurate spare parts service for the whole machine life.