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  • Lower your operating costs
  • Increase productivity and ROI

From eliminating hardware investments to lowering labor costs, improving productivity and enhancing security—there are endless ways that the cloud can reduce your operating expenses. If you have hesitated to move your workflow software and data storage to the cloud, consider these reasons for making the switch.

1- Save on servers. On-premise data storage is a huge expense: the average cost of a server for a small business may be between $7,000 – $11,000. Then factor in repairs and maintenance expenses, along with the fact that you’ll probably only get 3-5 years out of it. But with a subscription cloud-based workflow, you’ll never have any hardware to purchase or upgrade, ever.
2- No more downtime for updates. Moving to the cloud means you’ll get regular, automatic software updates so you’re always equipped with the fastest, most efficient system.
3- Reassign talented people to help grow your business. Since you no longer have to operate, manage or maintain any physical servers, you’ll free up your IT team to use their skills and expertise to help grow your business. You can finally streamline your infrastructure and rid yourself of the costs and constraints of managing your own system, lowering your total cost of ownership and positioning yourself for future growth.
4- Avoid business-destroying disasters. According to Cisco’s Annual Security Report, 87% of security compromises occur within mere minutes, but only 3% are discovered as quickly. All it takes is one significant breach to damage customer trust for a lifetime. With a cloud-based workflow solution, your business is actually more secure than it would be with an on- premise solution, and you’ll have Artificial Intelligence that can detect and prevent vulnerabilities before they become a real threat. You’ll also want to look for a platform that comes with a true Disaster Recovery plan, which can recover files seamlessly if a catastrophic event were to occur.
5- Work from anywhere: While not available in all cloud-based printing workflows, Kodak’s PRINERGY On Demand offers a Virtual Desktop capability to remove the barriers associated with remote operations so prepress professionals can work from anywhere, regardless of their location and local infrastructure.
6- Optimize with analytics. Having the power of decision analytics at your fingertips means you can bridge gaps, fix inconsistencies and leverage opportunities using data collected and reported through decision analytics and ink and plate usage services. PRINERGY On Demand is powered by Microsoft Azure, allowing you to make smarter business decisions, save money and improve your operation based on trends in your own business data.

Progressive printers know that moving to the cloud is almost inevitable, now more than ever.