• Replacing two older 41-inch presses with another Koenig & Bauer new highly-automated press
  • Consolidating its print production under one expanded 200,000 sq ft facility providing 25% more efficiency
  • Wichita, Kansas print specialist in point-of-purchase applications will be delivered in spring 2021

When more than three-quarters of your work constitutes printing on non-traditional substrates such as plastics, vinyls, rigid vinyls, PRV, and PETG, a fully-automated press with LED-UV capabilities is a necessity. Rand Graphics, a full-service print specialist based in Wichita, Kansas, is preparing for the 2021 spring delivery of a new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 six-color 41-inch press with LED-UV curing technology to provide a significant advantage in running these challenging substrates more efficiently and providing its large format POP clients with even higher quality.

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(Left to right) Randy Vautravers, president of Rand Graphics; and Trey Holmes, plant manager of its Large Format Division anticipate the spring arrival of its Rapida 105 six-color press, which will produce print jobs on non-traditional substrates along with its Koenig & Bauer Rapida 205 81-inch press

Significant 15% efficiency and productivity gains

“This new press investment will significantly streamline our production and increase our overall efficiency and productivity,” says Randy Vautravers, president of Rand Graphics. “Having the Rapida equipped with LED-UV provides us with a low-temperature exposure on our heat-sensitive substrates. That type of work makes up more than 70% of our output with the rest coming from conventional papers. We’re always cognizant of reducing waste since these specialty substrates are expensive.”

Vautravers has also chosen to equip the new Rapida with a full closed-loop solution, which ensures that complete information is available to the entire company through all process steps. Management is provided with a 360° overview of all company activities.  

“One of the many reasons that customers seek us out is our ability to partner with them using a consultative approach,” explains Vautravers. “We can offer them many different options, due to the array of print production solutions on our pressroom floor. Being located in the middle of the country allows us to reach both coasts quickly and easily with lower shipping costs.”

Consolidation of facilities brings 25% efficiency gains

The Wichita firm prides itself on its full service abilities that utilize its fleet of litho, screen, and digital small and large format presses and full service bindery, finishing, fulfilment, and e-commerce solutions. To better serve its clients with faster turnaround and increased efficiency, Rand has been consolidating its facilities and preparing for the spring delivery of the new Rapida. Its existing Koenig & Bauer Rapida 205 81-inch press---the largest in the world---will continue manufacturing at its present location. The new Rapida, which is replacing a Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 six-color delivered in 2014 and a competitor’s press, will be installed alongside the Rapida 205. Vautravers says that the Rapida 205 continues to be a workhorse for the company. They turned to a third Koenig & Bauer due to their strong relationship with Koenig & Bauer.

“We’ve estimated that we’ll be gaining 25% in more efficiency having all of our presses and production under one roof,” says Vautravers. “We won’t have the trucks running back and forth between each facility, thus saving time and gas, and enabling us to schedule better. And, we’ll be gaining more space with an increased facility of 200,000 sq ft for our 210 employees. The upcoming 2021 year is an exciting one for our company.”