- Noortec supplies consumables for the Iran’s printing and packaging industry from the German Stern brand, which is one of the world’s best suppliers.

These products include:

1- Plate

2- CMYK ink- VIP & ECO       

3. Pantone ink - VIP

4. Varnishes include Matte, Gloss & High Gloss as well as IML.

5. Blanket in different sizes

6- Cleaners in various types

7- Washing Cloth for different types of presses

8. Varnish Plate  

9- Dryer powder

10- UnderPacking in various thicknesses  and  dimensions

11-Plate Developer which is usable for most plate brands

To ensure high quality and productivity, these products are being set up on your press machines.

The advantages of using standard consumables include:
- Increasing the speed of production

- Reducing waste

- Increasing the quality
- Reducing the failures caused by the use of non-standard consumables
- Preventing errors and errors when using non-standard consumables

All consumables can be obtained through The Noortec Online Shop.