In the fourth part of the "Packaging in Daily Life", coding on different products is being cosidered. This is taken from the 2021 KBA report as well. 

Almost all products used in everyday life, including books, medicines, spare parts and even cookware, are all protected within packaging. Foods such as gingerbread and sauces are placed in metal cans with elaborately designs.  In many cases the cans are recyclable and used over and over again. These different types of packaging are common in one case: they all contain valuable information that has been added to the product with an effective printing process.  

Special data is added to the product during the packaging process. Product coding has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Good coding is an indicator of product quality and safety characteristics, and at the same time is a bridge between manufacturers and consumers. For example, a quick scan of the QR code provides the consumer with information about the optimal use of the product or its unique properties. In addition, the contents of the package must be in accordance with the usual standards, expiration date, tracking number, production date, codes and logos. KBA offers solutions that meet the specific needs of manufacturers with a wide range of coding systems using various technologies