Koenig and Bauer is known as the technology leader of the Large Format Offset Press Machines. Many innovations  are founded by Koenig and Bauer to be remained specific and unique.

Rapida 145 and Rapida 164 machines are standard machines that are in their class and format as a production benchmark.

High production speed, very short makeready time and utilization of online quality control systems in these machines have made the production base in any printing house more productivity.

Here are some Rapida145 specifications:

 -      Maximum speed 18,000 sheets per hour

-         Supports sheet size in 1060 x 1450 mm

-          Using DriveTronic Feeder technology

-          Utilization of SPC drive system (simultaneous plate changing)

-           DriveTronic Plate Ident (Plate Identification System)

-       Utilization of CleanTronic System (Automatic Washing System)

-           Ability to be equipped the coating system

-           Ability to be equipped  Inline Finishing system

-           Ability to be equipped a variety of drying systems

-         Ability to be equipped perfecting unit