ROCHESTER, N.Y., Wednesday, February 10, 2016 —

For years, Kodak has been helping brands protect their products from counterfeiting with the KODAK TRACELESS Ultracovert System and the KODAK TRACELESS Anywhere System. Now it’s gotten even easier to realize the benefits of the TRACELESS Anywhere System – by deploying through the Thermal Transfer Printers that companies already use to print barcode and product identification labels. This drop-in simple solution only requires switching from current Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR) to KODAK TRACELESS TTR. The results will look the same but the difference can be detected through the use of the KODAK TRACELESS Anywhere Reader. This pocket-sized reader allows the brand’s investigators to go anywhere to quickly and easily separate counterfeit from authentic product.

Companies have had access to TTR with TRACELESS Ultracovert System for many years. Now the same simplicity is available in a TTR Ribbon with TRACELESS Anywhere System. Kodak’s Anywhere Solution has the advantage of requiring a lighter, smaller, and less expensive Reader than the Ultracovert System while still providing covert protection against duplication by counterfeiters.

“Brand Owners and Brand Protection Managers are looking for solutions to their authentication challenges but don’t have the time and patience for solutions that require changes to label artwork and production processes,” says Richard Gammons, Product Manager for KODAK Brand Protection Solutions. “Other solutions require alignment among many different departments and convincing various company stakeholders to make changes. With thermal transfer ribbons from Kodak, the solution can be added to any flat-head style TTR printer and you’re done. Very few people in the company even need to know that a security feature is being added, which further protects the brand from accidental disclosure to would-be counterfeiters.”

KODAK TTR can be used wherever TTR printing is being used today in industries such as apparel, automotive, electronics, ticketing, and supply chain management. KODAK TTR are super-premium resin-based for maximum durability, giving both excellent mechanical durability and good resistance to typical chemicals.

The new ribbons are available immediately for use as part of a KODAK TRACELESS System implementation. Sample ribbons for conducting print trials are available at no charge.