Beijing, CHINA, Tuesday, May 09, 2017 —

For printers looking to improve the productivity of their operations and expand into new markets, your first and last stop is to Kodak’s stand at China Print booth 121, Hall E2 .  Kodak will feature new plates that set new levels of on-press performance for print service providers and enhanced CtP technology with automation that delivers better efficiency and speed.

SWORD MAX, SONORA, and LIBRA Plates and CTP automation offer efficiency, speed, durability, and sustainability

The new KODAK SWORD MAX Thermal Plate, targeted for availability in Asia in Q4 2017, features the new patented Advanced Resin Technology (ART). ART provides exceptionally strong solvent resistance and scratch resistance, allowing SWORD MAX Plates to deliver high-performance features for commercial printers facing challenging press conditions. SWORD MAX Plates also provide improved handling, fast imaging and processing, high resolution, and support for reprinting without baking.

At the stand, visitors will also see the new KODAK SONORA UV Process Free Plate.  Now available in China and many parts of the world, SONORA UV Plates are designed to allow printers using UV, including the newer low-energy UV presses, to achieve higher run lengths than with any other process free plate available today. Kodak will be imaging SONORA UV Plates live on the KODAK TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter with Single Cassette Unit. SONORA UV Plates expand the capability of Kodak’s process free plate portfolio to an even wider group of print service providers. They are capable of delivering longer run lengths for UV print applications than any other process free plate –up to 30,000 impressions. SONORA UV Plates allow printers to take advantage of both the environmental and economic benefits of process free plates and the expanded set of opportunities associated with UV technology, including flexibility, high print quality, and faster drying times.  The popular SONORA XP Process Free Plate, which is used by over 3,000 printers around the world, will also be on display at the stand.

KODAK LIBRA VP Digital Plates will be on display, and printers can learn about Kodak’s new violet technology that can  meet both the demanding requirements of newspaper production and the quality needs of commercial printing applications.  KODAK LIBRA VP Digital Plates,  compatible with all popular violet platesetters and plateline equipment, provide the flexibility for improved efficiency in either conventional plate processing or with a streamlined easy chem setup. Easy chem setups help printers increase efficiency and save water during processing by eliminating the prewash and postrinse steps. Printers that choose to process the LIBRA VP Plate in the conventional way can also simplify processing and reduce environmental impact by replacing their traditional developer and replenisher with a single, lower-pH clean-out finisher.

The TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter is known worldwide for its industry-leading reliability, productivity, and accurate, repeatable imaging with KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology. The TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter, which will feature the Single Cassette Unit at the Kodak stand, helps printers reach their sustainability goals with a new cooling system that allows the CTP device to use only 770 watts while imaging, a  power savings of up to 30% compared to previous models and up to 90% compared to competitive CTP devices.  The TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter also offers a 4,800 / 5,080 dpi resolution option, which can be used to image small features with details like background patterns or wavy lines of variable width, and for micro-printing indiscernible to the naked eye. Available later this year, a new W-speed option will make the TRENDSETTER Platesetter the world’s fastest process-free CTP, with throughputs up to 68 plates per hour (eight-up) and 75 plates per hour (four-up) imaging KODAK SONORA Plates, and a new Multi Cassette Unit (MCU) option will enable greater automation using less space and up to 80% less power than comparable MCU’s available today.

Visitors will also be able to see how the new KODAK Mobile CTP Control App allows operators to easily monitor their operations remotely, unleashing flexibility to respond to today’s ever-changing business demands.

“Kodak has  been a proud partner to China’s print community,” said Brad Kruchten, President, Print Systems Division and Senior Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. “Our commitment to help printers here profitably grow their business, while equipping them for the future, continues with investment in new technology for offset printers and our state of the art Xiamen plate manufacturing facility.”