Deviz in St. Petersburg is one of the largest and most experienced printing companies in Western Russia. Four years ago, Deviz purchased Uniprint, one of the most renowned publishers in Estonia, and has now decided to invest in a used Compacta 518 from Koenig & Bauer for production in St. Petersburg, in order to be able to satisfy the increased demands with regard to print quality and new products. The relocation of the 40-page commercial press from Belgium to Russia is being managed by the service department of KBA-Digital & Web in Würzburg.

“From the very beginning, we felt that we had an ideal partner at our side with Koenig & Bauer. That applies both to the press technology and to the services offered by the manufacturer,” says Deviz managing director Andrey Shadrin. The press is scheduled to come back on stream in St. Petersburg in autumn 2017. Thomas Potzkai, head of service at KBA-Digital & Web, has no worries in this respect: “We have already demonstrated on numerous occasions in the past that we are well equipped to realise such press locations quickly, professionally and to the full satisfaction of our customers.” The Compacta 518 was originally installed at the Belgian printing house T´Hooft.

Established print company continues to grow

Deviz has enjoyed continuous and healthy growth ever since its founding more than 20 years ago. In the meantime, the company boasts a 15,000 m2 print centre accommodating several presses, including a 24-page KBA Compacta S80 for retail products. A broad product portfolio for the newspaper, magazine and advertising sectors has earned Deviz an excellent reputation across Russia, the Baltic states and Northern Europe. Andrey Shadrin: “Our objective has always been to develop innovative and tailored products for our customers. The Compacta 518 is to serve above all the growing advertising market in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.”

40-page press for an interesting market niche

The high-performance 40-page Compacta 518 is engineered for a cylinder circumference of 1240 mm and a web width of 1075 mm. It thus covers an interesting market niche between 32- and 48-page products. The press features a Patras M reel-loading system, Pastomat RC reelstand, four printing units with automatic blanket washing, a flexible superstructure and the variable-format KBA V5 folder. The loading of job and presetting data, as well as production monitoring and evaluation, is handled by the management system KBA LogoTronic.