M.B.O.'s new Tacken K8 can produce up to 275 meters per minute. Thus it has become known as the fastest folder in the world. This speed represents a 20% increase compared to previous models of the car, which has maximized the glory of M.B.O.'s folding machines.

This change in the production volume of the product is the achievement of a new technology in the engine of this machine, which has further empowered the motor.

In addition to achieving this technology, other sectors have undergone changes that make it easy to carry out production stages. For example, a re-engineering has been done in the feeding section of the device, and this change has made it always safe to control the input papers for the monitoring system.

Also, the ability to integrate this machine with other related devices has encouraged printmakers to get more work. Because things don't have to be queued anymore and you can easily provide the best service and service to your customers using the K8 machine.