Since about 2000, Köenig & Bauer has equipped itself with a series of patented technologies that are not only very functional and user-friendly, but are only available to Köenig and Bauer.

The Tronics family is a set of electronic functions that play a significant role in simple machine use.

Drivetronic (derived from two words drive  means drive and  tronic  – the second part of the word  electronic  literally "electronic drive") is an innovative phrase from the Köenig and Bauer Group, which refers to a set of unique systems and technologies of the company that installs on a variety of its manufacturing machines.

Thetronic drive is option on some machines and standard on others. This standardization can include some of these systems. For example, "SSTronic Drive" may be on a standard machine, but on the same "SPC Drive" machine is an optional option.

So it can be said that "Tronic Drive" is a set of patented König & Bauer technologies that are designed to facilitate past mechanical processes and are specific to the hardware parts of the printing press.