Packaging is an attractive market that has had steady growth in recent years. This trend has even increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, especially in food packaging, the trend towards smaller packages – indicating a steady increase in the number of small and single families – as well as a wider variety of packaging. 

At the same time, the growing importance of paying attention to sustainable development is a stimulus for the use of environmentally friendly materials. Wherever possible, commercial goods owners tend to use plastic-free packaging and made from eco-friendly materials. 

All of these trends benefit high-quality cardboard boxes valued by consumers as a viable alternative to the environment. Digital printing is a convenient possibility to produce small boxes.

In general, digital printing allows manufacturers to produce boxes with low circulation and special designs.  In addition, with digital printing, boxes with various forms and personal information of customers can be produced using technology, such as for tracking in the distribution cycle, and can also be added to the box by various elements such as variable codes for draws or game quantifications and the like. 

When it comes to special packaging, kodak's new digital printing machine – Kodak Essend – is one of the best choices, and the digital sheet printing machine is built on a very strong Kodak platform and is capable of producing reliable and high quality as many as millions of copies a month.

Asand Kodak Digital Printing Machine is an ideal cost-effective way to print on boxes. This is not only due to the maximum length of 1,219 mm printed sheets, but also the possibility of printing on a variety of printed materials. The thickness of these printed materials can be up to 762 mm and weigh up to 687 g/m2. 

More applications in addition to low box printing circulation

In addition to packaging, with ASCEND digital printing machine  , brochures, magazines and pamphlets can also be printed in high quality, since the printing machine has 4 types of standard feeding parts for four types and sizes of paper, it is easy to produce a variety of products. 

Jeff Zelmer, codak executive: "Kodak Essend printing press is a unique versatile platform that is well capable of producing small boxes. Combining CMYK quality printing  and a wide range of complementary services in a highly reliable printing press with Rajat operator makes it attractive to invest in Essend."