One of the issues that printers are always struggling with is that they burn plates even for mid run length.

What is a solution?

Cases that weaken the plate in the printing process, standardized and based on the experience of many operators, have been compiled as a list below that if we look at it intelligently, it can be the best checklist for the printers to prevent weakening of plates:

1. Use of non-standard and expired plates.

2. Use of unappropriated plates and chemicals

3. Using high temperatures instead of low speeds in the processor

4. Do not use gum, which oxidizes the anodizing

5. Passing two or more plate brands simultaneously through the processor

6. Hand contact with plates and even its anodizing

7. Not controlling the circulation of chemicals in processor

8. Excessive placement of plates in sun light 

9. High pressure of  ink or water rollers on plate

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