Placement and installation of printing machines accurately and correctly is usually very important in expanding business, reorganizing a printing house or even moving to a new location.

The technicians usually visit the customer's site after the press machine is began to be built in the factory. Then they prepare plans for the optimal placement and installation of printing machines and consult with the printers about it.

During the preparation of the site and before the press machine arrives at the printing house, the engineers of the service department visit the site several times to ensure that everything is prepared according to the factory standards.

Placement and installation of printing machines plays a major role in the financial analysis of a project. In addition to the placement and installation, the company's technical experts can help simplify the production process, increase the efficiency of workflow software, and reduce costs.

There are many models for placing and installing press machines, which are used according to the conditions of each printing house.

Site preparation is the first thing that is done in the process of placing and installing. This is a critical part of the work that must be taken seriously before undertaking the project.

The technical specialists will be with you in all the necessary steps from preparing for the transfer of the machines to installing them in the new place.

Engineers need a ready site to start placing and installing press machines professionally.

In the process of placement and installation of press machines, the environment of the printing house is examined by experts from various aspects.

Before placing and installing press machines, checking the environment of the printing house in terms of safety, health and environment is one of the most essential issues of industrial units.

According to the floor area of the printing machine, which is known as the area under occupation, the minimum space related to the work flow and the space required for installing the machine should be 2 to 3 times the area under occupation. In addition, a space for temporary storage in order to adjust the temperature and humidity conditions of the used paper and a space next to the printing machine to place the semi-finished printed papers, including complementary colors or back printing, and to install the space needed to store the consumable ink and other items. Considered.

Creating a concrete and level floor in the printing room is also an important task in the process of placing and installing printing machines.

It is better to install anti-vibration and sound insulation acoustic materials in the walls first to reduce the reflection of noise in the printing room. Also, inside the outer surface of the walls, moisture insulation should be used to prevent the exchange of moisture from the walls and provide the possibility of maintaining and maintaining a certain amount of relative humidity in the printing room.

Also, before placing and installing the printing machines, the temperature and relative humidity must be carefully controlled and adjusted throughout the year. The ambient temperature in the printing room is between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius and its relative humidity is 45% to 50% with limited tolerance.

The air circulation system and the amount of fresh air ventilation in the workshops must be calculated and implemented according to the existing standards.

The ventilated air must be clean and free of dust particles. The filters of the air generator unit must be cleaned or replaced regularly, because the air circulation will attract significant amounts of airborne printing powder and paper and cardboard dust particles to the filters.

Also, in the process of placing and installing press machines, the use of stabilizers, transformers or backup power sources such as UPS or single-phase or three-phase power generators in areas that suffer from fluctuations with power outages is an unavoidable necessity.

These cases are only a part of the process that the company's technical experts carry out to place and install press machines.