Preventive maintenance is one of the essential tasks that printing house managers must include in their agenda. Regardless of how much money and time is spent on the maintenance and repair of the press machine, it may fail for any reason, hence the use of a detailed schedule to implement preventive maintenance or PM Preventive Maintenance) it seems necessary.

What does preventive maintenance in press machine or PM mean?

Preventive maintenance is a process that is done regularly and its purpose is to reduce the probability of failure. Preventive maintenance is done while the equipment is still running, not after it breaks down. As a result, its purpose is to prevent sudden failures.

In other words, preventive maintenance of the press machine means fixing small problems before they become big!

Companies can maximize asset value by reducing the rate of depreciation, deterioration and malfunction.

The process of maintenance and repair of the press machine is often carried out periodically or at the time of warning.:

Preventive maintenance always has three characteristics:

• It is systematic.

• It is done routinely

• It aims to reduce or minimize failures

These characteristics define the scope of all PM activities. The goal of preventive maintenance is always to minimize breakdowns by identifying and fixing them before they lead to prolonged downtime.

It is better to maintain the press machine on a regular basis. Regular preventive maintenance in accordance with the maintenance specifications provided by the manufacturer prevents the loss of quality of products and the failure of machines in the future. Proper lubrication and adjustment by experienced professionals serves to prevent possible loss of quality or pressure caused by machine sleep in the future. Also, in these visits, the training needs of the machine operators are checked and measured, and the necessary training is provided accordingly.

From the technical visit of the machines to the maintenance and repair of the press machine online or in person, the training of the printing house personnel and the analysis to optimize the production process are all elements that should be included in the service contracts of the companies providing the machines to increase the efficiency of the machines. be considered.

Benefits of an annual service contract:

- Facilitate the provision of services

- Use of remote and telephone service

- The possibility of annual budgeting and reducing the activity of the financial department of both companies

- Providing the training needed by operators from beginner to advanced level for free.

- Use of available spare parts when needed

- Using discounts when buying parts and consumables

- Monthly visits to check and monitor the correct performance of periodical services

- Using experienced experts, easy and effective service

- Preventing stoppage of production, increasing the volume of production, raising the quality and improving the technical knowledge of human resources