Rapid changes in the world also in the business world make training as one of the most important skills of the present era. In a changing world, there are always new techniques, methods, tools and skills that by learning them, individuals and businesses can grow and promote themselves in a continuous process. 

Since the beginning of its business in 1991, Noortec has been particularly interested in training as the main pillar of technical and professional activities. 

In addition to training operators of installed machines, the company has held several separate training courses over the years.  

Noortec's specialists have held training courses in operating machines and workflow programs whenever customers are needed.

Some of these courses are listed on The Noortec’s website. 

 Noortec is thinking about holding various training courses based on the needs of the printing market.  The courses will be held continuously. 

The first edition held in the second half of September is "quality Upgrade and Reducing the Cost of Consumables". 

Topics of the training course are as follow: 

Ways to reduce costs and energy consumptio

  • Quality control of plates and chemicals when buying 

  • Necessary settings for devices to optimize energy consumption

  • Using the right temperature for chemicals energy-saving solutions

Increase production (productivity)

  • Performing regular services of the device by the operator and the specific parts of the devices by the technical expert 

  • Regular and monthly periodic services of all devices by technical expert before failure (PM)

  • Replacement of consumable parts including filters and... 

Ways to manage consumables 

  • Investigation and test of plates, chemicals, gums and filters in order to reduce tailings

  • Setting up new plates in platesetter for managing consumables

  • Training new operators and regular periodically holding on-the-job training classes

Upgrading and controlling the quality of printed work 

  • Preparation of measurement and quality control tools and training to work with them

  • Request quality control tests such as : GATF and banding and tilt