In order to ensure more life for rollers and better printing quality, it is better to wash the rollers after each printing and before changing ink and even during printing (when printing in long run length).

In addition, at least once every four weeks, the rollers should be carefully cleaned with a suitable solution. In case of using special inks such as inks that dry soon, the washing time period should be shortened. 

Coatings of rollers are sensitive to chemical harms of inks, varnishes, fountain solutions and detergents.

 When working with special materials such as special inks that dry early, UV inks or special coatings may need to be used for rolling. In these cases, and in case of problems with a particular detergent, it is recommended to contact the roller seller and the detergent vendor.

Washing materials for ordinary inks: 

For a variety of inks used in the printing industry there is a wide range of washing materials. Each washing material is optimized for a specific printing application.

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Washing materials for UV printing:

The composition of UV inks requires the use of special washes. Complex interactions within the printing procesas detemine the service life of rollers and blanket. Careless and inappropriate washing can lead to early failure of rollers  and blanket, only when washing is done carefully, problems such as bulges and aggregation of rolling surfaces and tires should also be in accordance with the specifications provided by the printing machine manufacturer.

The main point is that the process of washing the printing machine should have minimal impact on the coating of the rollers and the surface of the plate. 

Concentrated washing materials for manual washing 

As a supplement to the daily washing process, in certain periods of time, special and concentrated washing materials are used to clean old and hard stains. 

Washing materials for manual washing: Products for manual washing are usually not very harmful to the hand if used properly and do not pose a serious risk to human health and the environment.

Products should be approved by printing machine manufacturers. 

With recent advances in printing presses, they have turned to automation. This automation is also observed in the automatic blanket and cylinder washing systems. New systems have less on reducing washing time as well as optimal washing fabrics.