· Superior Litho partners with Koenig & Bauer for its fourth Rapida press-a new Rapida 164

· Superior supports the industry through its affiliations with associations, suppliers, and management initiatives

· A major focus on certifications and sustainability leads to fast growth in food packaging

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Jeff Ku, the newly-promoted President & COO of Superior Lithographics, eagerly awaits the firm’s fourth Koenig & Bauer Rapida 164 press
Printers around the world and throughout the country are continually analyzing their businesses to determine how to differentiate themselves from competitors and maintain growth. Superior Litho has achieved outstanding growth producing folding cartons, along with top sheets and litho-labels that are sold to corrugated box producers at its 110,000 sq ft facility in Southern California due to its 145 dedicated team members and ability to expand into new markets while still embracing initiatives like being one of the best places in America to work. 

“We’ve put together an outstanding team that focuses on standards, procedures, and quality improvements to achieve our BRC (Brand Reputation through Compliance) certification, a leading global quality and food safety certification program that is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI),” says Jeff Ku, Superior’s President and COO. “This required a complete buy-in from everyone in our organization to make it happen day in and day out. This shows our customers that we are committed to providing safe, high-quality packaging suitable for food contact and other critical applications.” 
To support this effort, Superior has once again invested in another large format Koenig & Bauer large-format Rapida press that will ensure total quality control from the first to last sheet. This press---its fourth from Koenig & Bauer---has integrated inline color control and inspection systems along with a host of reporting technologies to monitor and manage every sheet throughout the press run. It is configured as a seven-color model, which allows for expanded color gamut, custom brand colors, and enhanced photographic images. Its clients, such as name brands in the food industry, expect their products to match box-to-box on the retail shelf and look enticing to consumersBrand owners and print buyers are also drawn to Superior due to its G7 Master Certification. Achieving G7 Master Printer status means that Superior’s staff, equipment, and systems have passed rigorous testing required to manage the neutral gray scale which ultimately can improve print quality and consistency, shorten makeready time, and reduce paper and ink costs.

Sustainability is another area in which Superior places high importance. To be known as one of the greenest companies in the country, Superior’s facility is powered by the sun with 1,366 individual panels that cover over an acre of its roof and is one of the largest solar arrays of any printer in California. Superior has embraced the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, in which its customers can be assured that the paperboard packaging produced by Superior is from a legal and responsible source. 

 “It isn’t free to be green,” admits Superior’s founder Doug Rawson, “but it is of the utmost importance for our organization that we understand that the Earth has finite resources and that we all share an obligation to ensure that the resources are used wisely in the packaging industry. This is achieved through the use of recycled board, running and relying on solar power, and embracing and investing in practices and technology to minimize waste and have an environmentally safe pressroom. We believe that these must be managed day-to-day to ensure we have continued adherence to these customer centric certifications.”
Superior places emphasis on the well-being of its employees as well as the entire printing industry. Its community-oriented outreach includes membership in over 10 industry associations, in which Superior’s team provides, shares, and gains knowledge about industry trends and new developments to better support all customers that they serve. Its board members participate in folding carton and corrugated converting associations where they actively participate and sponsor events and share best practices as an industry steward. Rawson’s mantra "a rising tide lifts all boats" conveys his belief that by sharing knowledge among his peers will benefit all participants within the printing industry.
As Superior Litho looks forward to the installation of its new Rapida press, the firm takes pride in its complete workflow and customer support team that hands-hold each customer project from inception to delivery. It is an organization that embraces the motto: Embrace Change and Respect All. This 35-year-old corporate value has fueled its strong growth by offering one of the most comprehensive portfolios and product services in the industry.