In the last few days, you could read a lot about the outstanding success our large-format Rapida customers have seen from their investments. Now here is a story about a customer who again had to decide on which machine they invest in next. But the decision here was not exclusively based on the innovative technology features alone. It was also the compact design that decided in favor of the Rapida 145!

The press room of Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach has a basement and the Rapida 145 was able to meet the static requirements without any major structural alterations, and in terms of floor space, the Rapida 145 also works better within the available space.

Also in terms of quality management and control, Koenig & Bauer was able to set itself apart from the competition with a small but important feature that celebrated its worldwide premiere at the Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach at that time. Inline measurement now takes place before the coating unit. That was a custom solution. With the inline measurement of Koenig & Bauer you can measure before and after coating unit. "In the past, it was necessary to leave out the measuring strips on the coating unit. Now we have elegantly circumvented the problem and save ourselves the trouble of manipulating the coating plates." emphasizes Johannes Knapp.

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