You will have the possibilities to manage and develop your works protecting your ideas: internalizing your works, every idea will remain internal to your company.

You can try different possibility of matching and suggest to your customer particular and precious film like glitter, holographic and embossed. Your deep knowledge and the added value, will be recognized by your costumer that will have more possibilities to choose during development.

You can control the quantity of glue thanks to dual technology; the control of quantity is really important especially in case of difficult works.

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We always take care of our customer’s needs, also trying to anticipate them. Quantum will allow you to make advanced works for guarantee a high quality products to your customer.
Thanks to the possibility to create internally different enhancement you will be able to Answer to the exigent worlds of cosmetics and fashion.


Thanks to dual technology you will have the possibility to suggest to your customer particular and different solutions using film with unique effects like metallized , soft touch and textile.