• The new Rapida 106 KBA machine will be installed in Lugoff, South Carolina, in summer 2022.

  • The six-year investment has doubled sales in four years. 

  • Production of special boxes for 6 industries in Southeast America including food and automative. 

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(Left to right) The team at Protective Packaging looks forward to their second Koenig & Bauer Rapida press: Jenny Curran, CFO; Jonah Locklear, head Koenig & Bauer pressman; Ashlee Huttenlocker, CSR; Tom Price, president; Allison Price, CSR; and James Moss, VP of operations.

In the past six years, even with the challenges facing the industry, Protective Packaging has been growing and thriving. The company's sales, which employ 80 staff and are located in South Carolina, have doubled in four years. This summer, the six color KBA Rapida 106- one of the newest models in the United States — will be delivered to the company.  
Tom Price, President of Protective Packaging: "Since the company was founded in 1987, I have always believed in new investments in new technologies. Our loyal customers are the recipients of this technical investment. They take their orders in higher quality, in less time and with better results. When our advanced printing press -Rapida 106- is installed, the results will get better. This machine has the highest possible speed to ensure the commitment to our work." 

Focusing on customers from the packaging sector in the Southeastern Region of America, Protective Packaging is known for producing works in run lenghtss ranging from 15,000 to 50,000 copies and producing specially designed boxes.

As the company grew, Tom Price added 6,500 square meters in 2016, to an area of 5,600 square meters, and now the company is working in a space of about 12,100 square meters. A new hall is specially built for Rapida 106, where  another 2019 KBA offset printing machine will be working there. Protective Packaging is also waiting for advanced KBA color control system that performs color measurement and getting complex and accurate reports.

Tom Price: "We're proud to have loyal customers. We respect customers. They trust us to deliver boxes in the highest quality and in the shortest time. When we decided to buy a new printing press, we undoubtedly told the company's sales manager to contact KBA."