Teram Industrial Group is founded in 1921  by Mr. Ahmad Ahmadi. In 1979, Mr. Abolghasem Ahmadi founded Khaneh Chap Company and in 2007, using these experiences for several years, Isfahan Trum Printing Complex was launched by Mr. Alireza Ahmadi.

The lack of producing luxury packaging in mass circulation led the Team printing house towards the differentiation strategy and during 2009-2018, a new solution was put into operation by the company.

In 2018, by the purchase of the world's most modern printing equipment, the possibility of creating this distinction reached its highest level. Therefore these strategy has practically made Tram Industrial Group one of the most powerful manufacturers of cardboard packaging in the region.

Teram Industrial Group has taken a step towards improving the quality and quantity of cardboard packaging in the country by purchasing modern equipment from Koenig &Bauer Company and also using completely up-to-date technical knowledge and relying on the scientific foundations of the printing industry.

One of these equipment is the Rapida- 145 six coulor double coating  press machine, which is the best way to produce mass-circulation packaging. Because with large sizes of cardboard and also due to the high production power, it is possible to reduce the cost.

In addition, the eight-color rapida- 106 machine with twelve units has provided the possibility of producing all the effects.

Both of these machines have been installed and operated for the first time in the Middle East.

Teram’s new equipment has not only focused on printing bit also includes a of postpress equipment.