DUSSELDORF, GERMANY, Wednesday, June 01, 2016 —

Kodak today announced a new agreement with Caxton, CTP Publishers and Printers Limited, one of the largest printers in Africa. The group publishes and prints more than 140 local weekly newspapers in 10 facilities in South Africa, including the Citizen Daily newspapers and prints various titles for major publishers. The order includes the installation of a KODAK PROSPER S30 Imprinting System on Caxton & CTP’s existing offset litho printing presses and represents the first variable print technology on African newspapers.

The company will install an initial KODAK PROSPER S-series imprinting system to test, with the intention to expand to its other sites throughout the country in the coming months. Kodak engineers, along with partner Thunderbolt Solutions, will install the imprinting system directly onto the presses so that printing can remain seamless without adding an extra manufacturing process.

“With the power of Kodak technology, we can for the first time create interactive ads and localize content by ethnicity, postcode and geographic area. And, because of the flexibility of variable print technology, we can update all that information in-real time,” said Jaco Koekemoer, chief executive officer, Coldset Printing (a division of CTP Publishers). “This will help our customers create highly-targeted micro-zones, allowing retailers the opportunity to create direct, one-to-one connections between ads and consumers both online and in-store.”

“We are very pleased to be working with one of South Africa’s largest newspaper publishers,” said Phil Cullimore, president, Enterprise Inkjet Systems Divisions, KODAK. “Our inkjet technology can be seamlessly integrated with existing presses, without adding time or complexity to the manufacturing process, we are able to help publishers become more agile and diverse providing them with the tools necessary to help support the dynamic demands of their customers.”