• New Rapida 106 produces 195,000 sheets in one 12 hour shift netting 16,250 sph and a total of 489,500 sheets over three 12 hour shifts
  • Operating one of the fastest lithographic presses on the market at 20,000 sp 
  • Investment in new press technology fits mission as the most progressive and premiere leader in high-end direct mail in the industry 

Direct mail is an incredible marketing tool especially in this extremely competitive environment, says Kenmore Envelope Company, and they have the statistics, personnel, and equipment to back it up. As the premier leader in high-end direct mail that specializes in high-quality printing and converting envelopes, Kenmore’s team creates envelopes of all sizes from a variety of paper substrates decorated with specialty coatings, windows and other unique design elements. To deliver these products on time and at the highest quality possible Kenmore depends on its new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 LED-UV six-color press, which it has been operating since early this year at its Richmond, VA facility.

Left to right: Kristin Ogo, COO of Kenmore; Scott Evans, Kenmore’s President / CEO; praise the efficiency, productivity, and capacity of their new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 press at their facility in Richmond,

“We produce beautiful and innovative envelopes to distinguish businesses from their competition, make an impact, capture attention and build brand awareness and loyalty,” says Kristin Ogo, Chief Operating Officer at Kenmore.  “With our new Rapida press, our clients are able to produce high-quality, quick turn, special effect envelopes under one roof and that’s something we’re very proud of. Kenmore is the premier leader in high end direct mail and services the best clients in their respective industries.”

Impressive press technology

To maintain this high level of service, Kenmore equipped the new Koeing & Bauer press with its most unique technology. “In today’s world, technology leads the way and our Rapida’s array is so impressive,” she says. “We’ve addressed the need for speed and quick turnaround with DriveTronic SRW (simultaneous roller wash), which washes up PMS colors while the press is in operation. This allows us to run a new job while we are washing up the previous job at the exact same time. The roll to sheet feeder allows us to be more competitive on paper and feed the press from rolls or sheets. The color control system reads every sheet and controls color every tenth sheet. This allows us to secure consistent color for our clients from the first sheet to the last during production.” 

Kenmore’s envelopes stand out in the mail due to their cutting edge special effects and thus increase their client’s ROI for their campaigns. The Rapida is flexible enough to efficiently print many new eye-catching effects with motion coat, glitter, liquid foil, heavy grit, Soft Touch, and spot UV. 

To answer the demand for quick turnaround, the Rapida has a docking station at each print unit for LED drying and the coating unit was designed to utlize either LED or traditional UV coatings. “Speed wins in our industry and the time to market continues to shrink,” says Ogo. “Being able to print, cut, and fold all in one day is amazing. Previously we’d have to wait for sheets to dry for 24 to 48 hours on our non-Koenig & Bauer presses before cutting and folding. Now we can move right to the finishing steps and deliver faster.”

Outstanding productivity

Kenmore’s press operators are also amazed with the Rapida’s ease of use and productivity due to the servo motors and touch screen interface. Its operators received expert training in Germany, which is allowing quick changeovers even at 20,000 sph.  “Recently we’ve been able to produce an outstanding 195,000 sheets in one 12 hour shift netting 16,250 sph,” says Scott Evans, Kenmore’s President / CEO.

 “As we continue to grow, our goal is always to have the capacity to work as we always have at the highest service level, quality and speed to market,” says Evans. “Koenig and Bauer is a true partner and collaborates with our organization at a level above any press manufacturer in the market today.”