High-quality print products in half format


Color Press Art from Kielce in Poland has grown dynamically over the past few years. To date, the company worked with a four-colour KBA Performa 74. Given the ever more complex product portfolio and increased customer expectations, however, the company had no choice but to take up new challenges in respect of its printing technology.


In autumn 2016, a highly automated KBA Rapida 75 PRO with five printing units, coater and triple-length extended delivery was commissioned. The new press handles a mix of conventional and LED-UV production and is configured with the full raft of Rapida features. These include FAPC, PlateIdent, CleanTronic Synchro Speed, disengaging inking units, console wallscreen, ErgoTronic ColorDriveErgoTronic LabQualiTronic ColorControl with LiveView, DotView and QualityPass, and ACR. Accessories for printing on plastics, 225 mm raised foundations and KBA VariDryBlue dryers are further highlights.


The Rapida 75 PRO permits printing on non-absorbent substrates, i.e. on films and other plastic materials. The company is certified to PSO with the new press. Through the LED-UV technology, Color Press Art has captured the attention of its customers with especially high-quality products – also on uncoated papers. Further benefits are the significantly faster delivery times and lower production costs.