For over 125 years, engin­eers at KAMA have been devel­oping high-quality finishing die cutters and folder-gluers for the global market.

As a well-estab­lished, reli­able partner for cutting and finishing processes, we offer a wide range of prof­it­able solu­tions for small and medium-sized conven­tional print runs as well as for digital printing. With more than 500 install­a­tions in 80 coun­tries the innov­ative KAMA machines "made in Germany" are in demand around the world - in the commer­cial print market and also in pack­aging.

From the company’s early days with 20 employees when it was founded after the reuni­fic­a­tion of Germany, it has now grown to 120 members of staff.

Pack­aging market: growth in a niche sector

It goes without saying that, for a long time, the primary purpose of pack­aging was to protect the product inside – but now it is also all about creating visu­ally strong pack­aging with a focus on recog­ni­tion factor and brand staging. While conven­tional advert­ising is increas­ingly losing relev­ance, pack­aging is steadily becoming a more important tool for influ­en­cing purchase decisions. Today’s customer is much more likely to be impressed by visual and tactile exper­i­ences than by abstract prom­ises of happi­ness. The result: pack­aging is one of the few growth segments in the print market, and it is currently conquering a brand new segment – the market for small print runs.

KAMA DC 76 foil


Commer­cial printing: on a mission to wow customers

For a long time, commer­cial print shops faced one partic­ular chal­lenge: produ­cing short runs at low cost. But barely any supplier in the market today will survive by focusing on price alone. More and more companies that specialise in commer­cial print jobs have there­fore chosen a different strategy. They are taking the plunge into the premium segment and expanding their port­folio with post-press offer­ings and auto­mated final produc­tion for folding and gluing.

With an invest­ment in a compact all-rounder like the ProCut 76 Foil or the ProFold 74 from KAMA, you will benefit in three different ways:

Renowned perform­ance and greater added value

Increased flex­ib­ility in post-press and finishing

Keeping all aspects of produc­tion in-house ensures reli­able quality and shortens delivery times

ProCUT dc 76 Foil

ProFold 74