To improve the quality and reduce the cost of consumables in prepress, following can be noted. 

In subsequent blogs, each of these methods will be explained in detail.

Ways to reduce costs and energy consumption. 

1. Quality control of plates and chemicals and gum during purchase 

2. Controlling device settings, compatible with consumables

3. Suitable temperature of processor and energy saving

4. The correct method of production and saving in consumables

Increase production and work speed (optimization)

1. Performing regular service of the device by the operator

2. Periodic visit by technical expert before failure (PM)

3. Monthly services of special monthly sections by technical experts  

4. Replacement of consumable parts including filters and... 

Ways to manage consumables (waste reduction)

1. Check and test plates, chemicals, gums and filters before purchase 

2. Set up new plate in platesetter and monthly services

3. Regular service of devices (all three parts of rip and processor and platesetter) by technical expert

4. Training new operators and holding on-the-job training classes

Controlling the quality of printed work 

1. Obtaining of measurement and quality control devices and training operators to use it

2. Using quality control tests such as: GATF and banding and tilt

3. Using qualified consumables