The service and parts portal is a smart and modular web-based tool that is used to provide services electronically and automate processes. Using the service and parts portal allows companies and organizations to perform a significant part of the processes online and save time and money.

In fact, the service and parts portal is a powerful web-based system that provides the services needed by its users in a more useful and effective way. Portal users can use this web portal wherever they are in the world. (Unless the portal is set up as an intranet).

Objectives of the service and parts service portal

 Coordination and integration of services and information

• Improving the capacity to use information and information technology among different departments

 Simple and effective service delivery

• Improving the quality of providing services to customers

• Improving efficiency and reliability

The facilities of the service and parts portal:

• Content categorization

Content management

• Adequate security support

• Recording events and reports or documentation

• The possibility of generating electronic forms and workflows

• Ability to integrate information 

Principled and responsive design of modern portals

One of the extensive changes in the service and parts portal is the smartness of their user interface and the use of Responsive Web Design technology. In this type of design, the structure of the site layers is designed in a floating way, which allows adjusting the page width, text size, etc. in different dimensions. All these tasks are done automatically. Responsive portals can be displayed on all smart devices. Their display is not limited to big screens and PCs. This feature has made it easier for users to use the services of the service and parts portal.

Service and parts portal of Noortec

One of the concerns of the customers of any company is to use the service easily and quickly. Noortec has tried to provide this possibility to its customers by creating a service and parts portal.

In this regard, the service and parts application and portal have been provided to customers under Android and IOS systems, so that whenever they need the services they want, such as buying parts or servicing and maintaining devices, they can make their request with just a few simple clicks. Register and declare.

Users of the service and parts portal can track their orders at all stages at any time. In addition, users can view the service report of each device separately.

The following items can be viewed and tracked in Nortec's application and portal:

- Contracts related to devices

- Services provided to each device subject to

- Pre-invoices for parts and consumables

- Track ordered parts using tracking code

- List of all payments and financial issues for a customer

- Ability to set the access level for different users