Reliable and full-time online service is the need of every printing house today. Success in a fast-paced and competitive world depends on the preparation of the machinery of any printing house. If a technical problem causes a stop to work, it is necessary to resolve the problem quickly online services well.

Noortec's specialists are available to provide online service at any time without the need for a technical expert to be present at the printing house, the machine returns to the production line without interruption. Thus, the printing house benefits from the advantage of online service and the machine sleeps less time.

With online communications, services are performed at a higher level. By smartphone cameras, Noorte's experts see the problem of the car closely and explain the solution step by step to machine operators or printing house technologists. In this way, technologists can find innovative solutions to troubleshoot the machine through online communication.

The benefits of online service services include:

By providing online service, the number of technical experts visiting printing houses decreases and consequently costs decrease.

The interruption time of the machines becomes less, which means less costs.

Immediately after completing the online service of the machine, it is possible to document the problem of the machines and how to fix it. The technical expert reports the relevant problem so that he and his colleagues are aware of the problem and how to troubleshoot and repair it if needed. This also gives the printing house management access to a history of problems and how to troubleshoot and fix them. Thus, a complete and documented case is prepared for the machinery.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its quarantine conditions were a good experience for service providers. All companies were affected by the coronavirus conditions, including travel restrictions and referrals to the printing house.

In this situation, online service help to solve technical problems and satisfy customers. The basics of these online services are the telecommunications that König & Bauer have been guaranteeing since 1995 between Rapida sheet offset printing machines and specialists around the world.

In the process of online service, digital tools can provide service forms and information to all experts, and communication between printers and the service sector is easy to establish. Specialists see exactly what operators or other professionals see. They see the process through images and videos and perform a quick and comprehensive overview of the state of the printing house. Thus, the lengthy dissection phase of the problem is eliminated and the risk of misunderstanding – which is likely in a phone call – disappears.

Via online service with the help of The Visual Press Support program of Köenig & Bauer, cases related to the printing process or mechanical problems can also be solved remotely. For example, in one case, it was reported that in a large-sized printing press, a woman eats paper while folding her back. Engineers from the service's online service department viewed papers and mechanical elements through Visual Press Support and identified the wrong settings in this way. After solving the problem, the printing press worked properly again.

In another case, the coating plate was not replaced properly. By examining the image of the plates, it was found that there was a mistake in setting the type of coating plate on the console screen. When the settings changed, the plate changer also returned to its normal state.

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