After the  ethereal “Rose Quartz” e “Serenity” that elegantly accompanied us during 2016, the refreshing Greenery for 2017 and the enigmatic ultraviolet in 2018, Pantone Color Institute has announced as color of the year 2019 the Living Coral, lively but delicate, modern and dynamic.

Many brands are working on collection based on color of the year, but are creativity and materials that express the essence of Living Coral in all its strength. But how we can bring a trend to life?

Enhancement allows to valorize all trends, from Living Coral to holographic,from drip-off to gold.This is possible thanks to technology and versatility of machine used.In packaging industry it is becoming always more important being receptive to market  changes, have the knowledge of novelties and above all have the proper technologies to interpret it as quickly as possible.

Buyers and marketing manager of the most important companies all over the word are always looking for a partner able to suggest innovative and creative packaging maintaining high the quality of products.

The truth is that a finely enhanced packaging has definitely more communicative value than a not enhanced product.

What perception would we have of a pretty little box without silver,gold or soft touch? Independently of the product ,hardly the experience given  will be the same.

Customers are always looking for something new, for this reason packaging must make of enhancement  its  main strength and be able to express the essence of the product it contains.

However the quality of the finished is proportional to the quality of machines you are using.

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Lamination guarantees protection and elegance , with SPRINTER and with the entire Tecnomac range you can apply different types of film giving to your packaging a unique finishing.

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With LAMISTEP you will enhance independently your packaging  appllying foil and reducing waste  making your packaging trendy and different.