Achieving a fast time to market or realizing an efficient production of long-tail decors or even generating on-demand production is just not financially worthwhile using conventional printing methods.


Industrial digital printing of high-end decors on conventional paper began with the delivery of the first RotaJET VL to INTERPRINT GmbH. The RotaJET 168 IP impresses by its outstanding performance, maximum efficiency and supreme quality. Thanks to the superior print array design the RotaJET VL yields optimal colour precision and job-to-job repeatability. The RotaColor decor inks deliver the expected excellent fastness of colour and resistance to light. Extended frames lengths of up to 5080 mm – optionally available via software upgrade – permit the production of new kinds of decors and initiate additional sales potential and process optimization.


The RotaJET VL Series offers more flexibility. Your customers will look forward to being able to order smaller batches for newly developed product series, for market testing or for niche products. With a massive reduction in make-ready times, more decors can be printed in a shorter time whilst allowing a faster time to market. Industrial digital printing is also responsible for efficiency enhancements in rotogravure printing by releasing printing capacity on those presses and making “long run” production more profitable.