Environmental advantages of flexo with gravure-quality graphics

Beijing, CHINA, Tuesday, May 09, 2017 —

At China Print 2017, Kodak shows local flexible packaging and label printers how unique and unmatched KODAK FLEXCEL NX System technology helps them meet their environmental obligations while achieving the highest levels of print quality demanded by national and global brands. Backed by a global proven track record of enabling customers to effect successful gravure to flexo conversions, and armed with Kodak’s latest NX Advantage technology and commercial case-studies, the experienced Kodak team is meeting with existing customers and prospective users at China Print to drive major changes for flexo in China.

“We know how important the environmental considerations are here in China.” said Chris Payne, President, Flexographic Packaging Solutions, Kodak. “And we know that Kodak’s advanced flexo technology is the first to enable a truly viable alternative to gravure. It’s here, it’s real and it’s proven and I’ve met with Kodak customers around the world that are helping brands to make that transition every day. That’s an important message and a key focus of our presence here at China Print.”

Visitors to the booth can browse the Streetbox, a unique and eye-catching venue for Kodak customers from around the world to showcase the ways in which they are using Kodak’s flexo technology to grow their businesses and change the package printing industry, and catch a live demonstration of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System and Kodak’s unique NX Advantage technology that sets it apart from other digital flexo platemaking solutions.

Investing in growth
Supported by the demonstrated year over year growth of the FLEXCEL NX Plate business Kodak is making significant investments in its China and global operations. The prominent presence at China Print comes just weeks after the opening of a new Kodak Flexo Packaging Technology Center in Shanghai, and the announcement that Kodak will expand flexo plate manufacturing operations with a new production line in the USA.