Following the completely automated jogging process we have now also automated the cutting process.

BASS is the name of the latest innovation developed by Baumann. BASS stands for Baumann Automatic Cutting System and does exactly what its name implies.
For all products that have the same cross-sectional layout, the integrated robot takes over the tasks of the operator. Before the cut, the layer is positioned at the back gauge and held in position until the clamping bar fixes the layer.
After the cut, he takes over the alignment of the layer and then transports it to the next processing machine. This feeding can be done either to the right, left or, in alternation, to the right and left.

In practice, for example when cutting labels, two die cutters can simultaneously be fed -automatically and unmanned - meaning that two orders can be processed at the same time - round the clock, in 3-shifts. In combination with the fully automatic jogging system BASA, Baumann's multi buffers and additional processing systems, it allows to further increase efficiency.

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In addition to the higher number of processed orders, the constant processing process speaks for itself, increasing efficiency and improving the planning of orders, thus increasing customer satisfaction.
Further advantages include the physical and temporal relief of the skilled workers, as well as modern, future-oriented workplace designs. The programming of the robot is simple and fast and is carried out by the operator via an additional control panel, in just a few steps. This guarantees minimum set-up times, even with changing orders.
If required, the automatic cutting system can of course also be operated manually as a "simple" cutting machine. For this purpose, the robot is simply moved to its stop position above the machine, thus lying outside the working area of the operator.