Since Drupa 2004, Köenig & Bauer has equipped itself with a series of superior technologies that are not only highly functional and user-friendly, but some of them are unique. This process increases production and enhances the productivity and quality of the final product. 

The tronic family is a set of electronic behaviors that play a significant role in the machine. The use of automatic and all-electronic tools has made the offset printing process a pleasant and sweet task. 

Drivetronics is an innovative term from the Koenig and Bauer, which refers to a set of the company's superior systems and technologies that it installs on a variety of machines it manufactures.

DriveTronic is optional on some sheetfed offset press machines and on standard on another ones.

So it can be said that "DriveTronics" is a set of superior Köenig and Bauer technologies that have been electricized to ease mechanical processes and are specific to the hardware sections of the printing press. 


The use of SIS technology in machine feeding : 

SIS, which stands for Sensoric Infeed System, replaces the front lay in old machines, in this system when the paper reaches the infeed section, it changes the swing infeed according to the position of the paper, and thus all the papers reach the first gripper, this option increases the speed and accuracy of the device. 

This option is the invention of Koenig and Bauer, and other companies do not currently have the right to use it.