• KBA Rapida 106 six-color LED-UV – the  fastest printing machine on the market – prints in Kenmore envelopes at a speed of 20,000 sheets per hour. 

  • Efficient automation feautures in Rapida 106, such as the  DriveTronic SRW, ensure outstanding results in printing and production. 

  • Kenmore Envelope is known for printing a variety of special effects on envelopes.

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Kenmore Envelope is proud to celebrate its amazing world record. Top Row Left to Right: Bryce Little – Plant Manager; Mike Mahoney – Pressman; Dylan Williamson – 2nd Pressman; Gary Hahn – 2nd pressman; Middle Row, Left to Right: Kristin Ogo – Chief Operating Officer; and Scott Evans – President/CEO; Front Row, Left to Right: Chris Crider – Assistant Pressroom Manager; David Beales – Pressroom Manager; Greg Turnmire – Pressman; and Tai Huynh – 2nd Pressman. Pressmen and press helpers who were on duty the day of the record but are missing from photo: Panh Lee; and Gary Goff

KBA has officially announced that the envelope company, Kenmore, has achieved  a new record with its Rapida 106 six-color LED-UV press machine.

Kenmore is known for producing high quality and personalized envelopes. In one 24 hours span, the company achieved a printing record of 444,444 high-quality sheets with just 1% waste at the company's facility in Richmond.  

Scott Evans Kenmore’s CEO: "We are proud of our wonderful team and their efforts to win this world record. This unprecedented efficiency demonstrates the success and skill of our personnel, the company's culture as well as the superior technology of the KBA.
KBA (US) CEO Kylian Ranschler: "The Team of Kamour Envelope Company is an international team and makes good use of all Rapida 106 capabilities. "They are outstanding partners, and we are proud of their success."
Kenmore's team produces envelopes of varying sizes and with a variety of materials. These envelopes are very versatile and range from envelopes with varied coverings to windowed envelopes with special designs.
, Kenmore Rapida 106 has equipped with SRW (simultaneous washing of rollings as well as the roll-to-sheet unit  and color control system. Color control system checks one out of every ten printed sheets, thus checking the color fastness from the first to the last printed sheet. It's been preserved. The operators of The Rapida 106 Ease of Operator Company appreciate its production.
This isn't the first time conmore operators have set a new production record with Rapida. 
Kristin Ogo, Chief Executive Officer of Conmore: "Our operator team has used all the capabilities of rapida 106 to take it to a new level of production. Finally, our customers are also very satisfied with the speed and quality of our products."