Behind a product purchase decision there is a boundless world, mostly when we have to choose if doing an important investment.

In graphic industries choose to invest in a new machinery is a really important moment because  the quality of your investment has an impact on a quality of the finished product, for example ensuring a protection that lasts over time.

One of the reasons that push for a such important acquire is the possibility to increase  the services to offer to the customers; the possibility  to enhance with cold foil application allows  to manage the most difficult requests and being  competitive on the market.

But what makes a packaging, a quality packaging?

The construction materials  used  for machines destined to ehancement, really makes the difference because guarantee  durability and reliability,  fundamental elements into a productive context.

EVOLUTION is an example that thanks to its speed and compactness, decreases the production times keeping high the quality standards.

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Adding range processing  increase your potential allowing you to manage works that need PET films or cold foil application; but is important that choices made are qualitatively high in order to avoid unpleasant film lift up and delaminations.

The construction materials  used to build our machines are manufactured  internally on our techical department projects and tested of years of use; this allows us to have a direct control of our product quality.

Only high quality machines guarantee high quality products also working a lot of time consecutively, for example in case of special laminations that needs more pression,more glue or particular films that not all machines are able to handle.

Thanks to the versatility of our machines we can easily satisfy this special requests.

The quality of materials inevitably affects the quality of lamination and contributes to give a higher perceived value to the finished product.

Now like never before luxury packaging is always searching innovative and creative solutions, this is the reason why our goal is build machines that solves the problems and create solutions.