Versatile. Motorised. Efficient.

With the motorised adjustable Vento, Wohlenberg offers the bookbinders a multi-purpose perfect binder suited for all application ranges of a bookbindery. Standard brochures as well as special products, e.g. Swiss brochures, Otabind and gatefolded products can equally be processed in an economic way. The high versatility of the Vento is based on the modular machine concept which allows a quick adaption of the perfect binder to the individual, sometimes varying customer’s demands. Later integration of optional equipment is anytime possible – this allows to adapt the Vento dynamically and cost-efficient to the customer’s requirements for changing production processes.

Edition Universal

[2. spine preparation station as standard]
[Spine gluing with hotmelt, PUR or PVA]
[Side gluing with hotmelt or PUR]
[Gauzing station and accessories for production of Swiss brochures or Otabind]
[max. 2 spine preparation stations]

Edition Dynamic

[2. and 3. spine preparation stations as standard]
[Spine gluing with hotmelt, PUR or PVA]
[Side gluing with hotmelt or PUR]
[no gauzing station possible]

System extensions (optional):

  • Transfer from the gathering machine straight line, 45°-, 90°- or 180°-curve
  • Book block feeder with extension unit
  • Handfeeding station
  • Endpaper processing station with glue nozzle application
  • Hotmelt spine gluing unit with integrated 40 kg or 70 kg premelter
  • Preparation for 2-shot glue application (only Edition Universal)
  • Coldglue spine gluing unt with pneumatic pump
  • PUR-"Compact" roller system with integrated barrelmeter
  • PUR-nozzle system Quickjet with integrated barrelmeter
  • External preheating- and cleaning station
  • Hotmelt side gluing unit with integrated premelter
  • PUR-side gluing nozzle system
  • Coldglue side gluing unit with pneumatic pump
  • Gauzing station (only Edition Universal)
  • Special accessories for Swiss brochures and Otabind brochures
  • Stream cover feeder
  • Cover folder feeder KRF
  • Foredge trimming device VSS
  • Cross stacking device with transfer
  • Laydown device, 1.600 mm or 2.700 mm long
  • Small size kit 75 x 105 mm
  • 2. active operator terminal
  • Telediagnosis
  • JDF/JMF interface
  • Mechanical speed. 1000 – 7000 cycles/h
  • Product height: 140 – 435 mm
  • Product width: 105 – 320 mm
  • Product thickness: 2 – 62 mm
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